Our High Value Customers aren't afraid to invest in quality hair!! They love the simplicity in finding new ways to express themselves through beauty on an everyday basis. CCI Boutique only offer hair extensions that last for YEARS!! We hope that when you wear our quality hair extensions you feel beautiful, confident and empowered!

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Who wants to keep purchasing hair extensions over & over?

CCI Boutique only sells quality hair extensions that last a minimum of 2 years!! Our Luxe Collection lasts 10 years and our Elite Collection last 7 years with proper care and maintenance.

  • Luxe Collection

    Become the talk of any room, gathering or even the town with our simple, classy Raw Filipino Natural Straight aka our LUXE Collection. This hair draws attention wherever you go! You are guaranteed to turn heads with this effortless style of hair.

  • Bliss Collection

    Our Bliss Collection Hair Lasts 2-6 years with the highest integrity. No need to purchase hair once you've experienced our Bliss Collection! Don't hesitate to make this investment in our highest quality hair!!

  • Elite Collection

    Simple, classy, elegant.... that's our Elite Collection hair. There's no other way to put it. This hair lasts for YEARS!! It's easy to maintain and will always turn heads. 

  • Custom Wigs

    Providing flawless, comfortable, pre-styled, Glue-less wigs that allow you to walk with confidence. Order specifically to your liking with our quality hair that last for years!!